Freshman Boys Basketball Beats out Chesterton


Krystal Rea and lakecentralnews

On Thursday Nov. 29, the freshman boys basketball team beat out the Chesterton Trojans at home with a 34-24 final. This game continued the undefeated streak for the team with a record of 3-0.

“[The game was] pretty exciting because, throughout the game, we were down for a while, but then we came back. There was a point when we were down a couple of points, then all of a sudden we had a huge run and then dominated them from then on. It was really nice to get a 3-0 start,” Brian Sytsma (9) said.

The Indians trailed the Trojans coming out of the first half at 12-16 and remained behind going into the fourth quarter.

“We could’ve pushed the ball more. [Going into the game] we knew it was going to be a tough game because Chesterton is a hard playing team,” Gage Ray (9) said.

With about four minutes left on the clock, the Indians tied up the game, and after that, the score went back and forth between the two teams, continuously tying up the game until the Indians surged ahead to win it.