Counterpoints and Treblaires Spread Holiday Cheer

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

During the holiday season, Counterpoints and Trebleaires visit places like nursing homes, annual parties and elementary schools.

“Performing for people is like a treat for them and it’s not like we wanted them to come see us. They asked us to sing so it’s like a privilege. Even if we’re bad they still say we’re good,” Lauren Bourget (11) said.

Charles Lobaugh (11) expressed the positive aspects of being a part of show choir.

“[I like] singing with the people and the people [we sing for]. Anything with singing is worth doing,” Lobaugh said.

Zachary Buntin (11) shared his opinion on the show choir’s outings.

“I honestly love going out and performing for people on the holidays. My favorite part about it is when I see people’s faces in the audience light up, or when people begin to mouth the words or sing along with us. Not only is it fun for me because I love to sing, but it also makes me feel as though I helped to make someone else’s holiday season a little better,” Buntin said.