Interact Club Remembers Jonathan Guzman


A pile of stones with memories of Jonathan Guzman sits in Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, room. Interact club is working on the vase as a project for the memory of Guzman.

Allison Wagner and lakecentralnews

In the wake of Jonathan Guzman’s (10) death, the Lake Central Interact Club decided it needed to do something to help.

“Lake Central Interact Club thought that we should try to remember Jon in the best way we can, so we are passing out stones for people to write words of encouragement or their names or anything and we are putting them in a vase with a candle on top,” Marissa Emery (12) said.

The vase is stationed in C103 and is about halfway full at this point. The club is encouraging the project in order to preserve Guzman’s memory.

“When we found out about Jon, we knew we needed to do something and everyone was talking about money donations and Interact thought we should do something more sentimental,” Emery said.

As a way to give students and faculty a chance to remember Guzman and gain closer, the project is serving its purpose.

“We are going to give [vase] to [Guzman’s] family so that his brother can have it and another to his girlfriend Demi [McDaniel (10)],” Alexis Morales (10) said.

The vase will be kept in C103 until winter break. Anyone who wants to write down a memory or words of encouragement on a stone can stop by until that time.