Club Gives Students a Way to Worship Together


The students in Word of Life gather in a big group to play “Have you ever”. The club has always opened up the meeting with a game.

Jen Maguire and lakecentralnews

A Word of Life meeting is hosted every Wednesday after school, giving students a chance to talk about various subjects and have worship together.

“It is a safe place for people to be and to find people that will love and care for them,” Eric Stromberg (12) said.

The meetings are hosted in Dr. Dustin Verpooten’s, Science, room right after school. Students talk and eat for about 20 minutes and then begin their meeting.

“We usually start off with a game which takes about half the time because we get pretty into it. Then we do some worship songs, and someone will preach,” Steven Hainsworth (12) said.

Students are free to come to whichever meetings they would like. They are not obligated to come to every meeting.

“There are some people that come and go. Usually people end up coming back weekly though,” Abigail Prince (11) said.

There is a Facebook page with information about the Word of Life club and students can start attending meetings on Wednesdays at any time.