Science Olympiad Prepares for Regional Competition


Sarah Dingman (11) launches her elastic launch glider outside of the cafeteria. The Science Olympiad members had to use the cafeteria so the launchers would not get stuck in the ceiling.

Bridget Protsman and lakecentralnews

Science Olympiad is preparing for their Regional competition Feb. 9. At the club meeting on Jan. 22, Sara Dingman (11) and Cory Lehnert (11) tested their elastic launch gliders.

“We used balsa wood and glued parts together with superglue,” Dingman said.

These lightweight gliders are launched by a rubber band, and their flight patterns are inconsistent.

“Last time we [tested the gliders] in the cafeteria, they got stuck in the ceiling lights,” Dingman said.

Lehnert is working on the gliders, but, like the rest of the team, will be participating in more than one event.

“I’m competing in astronomy and gravity vehicle also,” Lehnert said.

Since there are multiple events to participate in, Science Olympiad has something for everyone.

“[Science Olympiad] encourages critical thinking and using science through real life examples- like the gliders,” Michael Plaskett (12) said.