Counterpoints Prepares for Concert


Kelsey Wilkerson and lakecentralnews

Every Friday, a family of voices come together. Counterpoints practice on Jan. 18, was full of smiles and cheerful sounds. Mrs. Sandy Hobbs, Arts, not only brings laughter, but shares her own useful tips and life experiences to become a successful singer.

“Mrs. Hobbs is really good at what she does and we could not do it without her,” Caroline Janiga (11) said.

Janiga plans on minoring in musical theater when she enters college.

“I really like singing, I have always been a performer, and I am excited to be a part of a big responsibility and having new experiences,” Janiga said.

Choir has the ability to bring everyone together who shares a common goal.

“Choir practice is all about practicing for upcoming concerts and singing new songs for the entertainment of others. My favorite part of the practice is seeing the way everything sounds when it comes together,” Charles Lobaugh (11) said.

The choirs continue to prepare for the upcoming concert which will be held on March 12.