Choir Sings to the Top

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

On Saturday, Feb. 2, choir students travel to Munster High School to compete in ISSMA, Indiana State School Music Association.

“I’m a very musical person, and I feel it’s rewarding to get a gold after months of hard work,” Lauren Bourget (11) said.

Bourget is not new to ISSMA; this is her second year performing.

“I was worried the day before ISSMA because my throat was hurting and I was scared I wouldn’t hit the high notes. I also worried because I started working on my solo piece the week of ISSMA,” Bourget said.

Sara Rose (12) participates in her first year in ISSMA.

“I’m in trebleaires so I had to go but since I was already going I decided to do other events. We practiced every choir class and occasionally after trebleaires practice so like three to four times a week,” Rose said.

Rose expresses how she feels about the outcome of the competition.

“I was happy because I got three gold medals despite having a hoarse voice,” Rose said.