Reach for the Stars

Brittany Rabatine and lakecentralnews

If space and all its wonders fascinate you, you might find your place in the Astronomy Club.

“We really don’t have set meetings established, it’s really when we have clear skies that I’ll usually have a call out,” Mr. Eric Bushong, Math, said.

On Sunday Feb. 17, the Astronomy Club is heading up to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.

“We are going to leave around mid to late morning, arrive around 10 a.m. We will go see the movies and exhibits. It’s really exciting for those that haven’t been there,” Bushong said.

The Adler Planetarium has three theaters with dome ceilings to project movies or even the night sky. They can show how the universe is evolving, how stars form and much more.

“I’ve been up there three times maybe. They’ve had different spaceships up there, like Apollo and Gemini,” Bushong said.

If you can’t make it to the planetarium this Sunday, don’t worry. Saturday, March 9th, there will be an open house at the Conway Observatory in Lowell being hosted by the Calumet Astronomical Society. Anybody is free to go and for more information on the open house or the Astronomy Club, talk to Mr. Eric Bushong in room 9208.