Robotics Club Works Hard Before Competition


Brandon Haddon(9) works on the team’s robot. The Robotics Club goes to competition this Saturday.

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

The Robotics Club is gearing up for their competition this Saturday, March 2. The club consists of six students and Mr. Kendal Smith, Science, as the supervisor.

“The team has a lot of work to do still; they’re going to be cramming here. We usually meet just every Wednesday but recently it’s been everyday,” Kendal Smith, Science, said.

Robotics club was started last year.

“I think [robotics] is a good club. The people are really nice, and we have a lot of fun building the robot,” Kathryn Pino (12) said.

The competition that the Robotics Club goes to happens every year.

“There’s a national competition and every year there’s a different set of tasks that the robot needs to accomplish,” Mr. Smith said.

Robotics has been working on their robot since September, when they got the list of requirements for it.

“I’ve been in robotics for two years, but it only started last year so this is only the second year of the club,” Pino said.

This Saturday, the team will travel to Crawfordsville High School to compete.