BPA Fundraising for Nationals


Surya Vezhavendan(10) and Andrew Pharazyn(11) sell breakfast items on Mar. 22 to raise money for Business Professionals of America. BPA is going to Nationals in Florida to compete for scholarships.

Throughout the week of March 18, Business Professionals of America sold muffins, Starbucks drinks and other breakfast items to raise money for Nationals.

“The students in the club go to Nationals to compete for scholarships,” Mrs. Rita Chavez, club sponsor, said.

BPA is a club that students join to learn about business, marketing and technology.

“We have 12 students [going to Nationals] and each student competes in one or two contests,” Mrs. Chavez said.

Many students enjoyed the morning breakfast treats throughout the week.

“I have honestly spent at least $10 on those muffins and I love them. I just wish they sold them regularly not just for the BPA fundraiser,” Tyler Hires (10) said.

The final profit of this week’s muffin sales is $113.07.

“We anticipate the muffins will make around $700. We will be selling them after break as well,” Mrs. Chavez said.

The national competition is held in Orlando, Florida May 8 through May 12 and teams from all over the country compete.