Principal’s Advisory Team Brings School, Community Together

Samantha Gross and lakecentralnews

Behind closed doors, principals make decisions, discuss important school issues and update one another on the construction of the new building. This year, the private conversation has been opened up to students, teachers and parents who are part of the Principal’s Advisory Team.

The team consists of a few students from each grade, parent volunteers and several teachers who become part of the conversation and discussions led by principal Robin Tobias.

“I just like being able to know what is going on around the school and keeping updated on everything. I like hearing the different perspective of the principals and teachers and parents,” Amanda Blais (11) said.

Blais is one of three juniors who were nominated to be in the club. She was nominated by Mrs. Myra Lolkema,English, because Amanda serves as president of Student Council, a club Lolkema sponsors. The club gives students the opportunity to get involved and have a voice.

“I really like to know what’s going on with the school and everything. It’s nice to hear what everyone in the Lake Central community has to say on what is going on. We are planning a meeting to talk about construction and the new matrix schedule and stuff about next year,” Sean Meyer (9) said.

The club meets every second Thursday of the month to keep updated on the activity going on in the school community.