Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Tea


Lauren Brunetti (12) accepts the Clark Penny Wars Scholarship from Donna Kozel. Brunetti has planned to attend Purdue Calumet in the fall.

Kate Toth and lakecentralnews

On April 28, Dollars for Scholars held their annual scholarship tea in the auditorium. In this, 80 students received awards from various donors for a total of $70,000.

Anna Swan (12), the president of the club, received the DFS Renewable Scholarship.

“Others should consider joining DFS because you can become involved in your school and community. DFS raises money for scholarship and offers many different community service activities,” Swan said.

Unlike previous years, the scholarship applications were available exclusively online.

“At first, I hated the online application, but once I became acquainted with the website I loved doing the application online. I found typing the information much easier than handwriting since my handwriting is horrible,” Swan said.

Scholarships such as these help students lessen the pricey costs of college.

“[Incoming seniors] should get involved. Grades are an important factor, but colleges also like to see well-rounded students in many extracurricular activities and clubs,” Lauren Brunetti (12) said.

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