Students Strut Their Stuff at the Grand March


Posing for pictures, Alexandra Baczkowski (12) and her date Steven Petrovski walk the Grand March. After the Grand March, the students headed over to Halls of St. George for the Greatest Prom on Earth.

Dressed in their most elegant attire, LC students, along with their dates, put their best foot forward at the Grand March before Prom on May 4.

“[Before prom I had to] get my nails done, my hair done and stress out about if I’m going to make it to group pictures in time,” Samantha Gibson (12) said.

Some students found it nerve-racking to walk the Grand March in front of a packed LC gym.

“I wore four-inch heels and they kept getting caught on the bottom of my dress. I was so afraid I was going to fall flat on my face in front of all of those people,” Gibson said.

Other students, like Peter Boyd (12) found the march to be a breeze.

“I was not nervous doing the grand march. Although I’m a pretty clumsy person, I was confident enough that I could walk around the gym without tripping and making a complete fool of myself,” Boyd said.

For seniors like Boyd and Gibson, the Grand March and Prom were two bittersweet events.

“It was really fun going to Prom my senior year. It felt strange because everyone looks at Senior Prom like the culmination of high school, as if after that dance your high school years are more or less over, but I didn’t really look at it that way and just enjoyed the night and had a great time,” Boyd said.

Thanks to Mrs. Sarah Verpooten and Ms. Carrie Wadycki, junior class sponsors, The Greatest Prom on Earth truly lived up to its name.

“I wanted this to be the best dance of my life since it was gonna be my last. They weren’t exaggerating when they said this was going be the greatest prom on Earth. Ms. Wadycki and Mrs. Verpooten did an amazing job and I couldn’t thank them enough,” Gibson said.