N-teens makes December decisions


Jessica Wojton (9) listens to Mrs. Becich talk about the events happening during the month of December. N-teens helps the community while participating in things such as Angel Tree, the Chinchilla Rescue and Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Alyssa Born and lakecentralnews

Members of N-teens met in the LGI room on Nov. 26 to discuss upcoming events happening in December.

The club is supporting children through the Angel Tree for the holiday season.

“We are buying clothes, toys or just small things for the boy or girl that we are assigned. The whole N-teens [club] has two children to buy for,” Victoria Gardenhire (10) said.

N-teens members are having a Chicago shopping trip Saturday, Dec. 7.

“We are going to Chicago on Saturday, only if [members] have 20 completed hours of service or community work. We basically just go to Water Tower for the day,” Gardenhire said.

N-teens is also in charge of Winter Formal, which is Jan. 25 at the Halls of Saint George. The tickets are being sold from Monday Dec. 9 to Wednesday, Dec. 11 for seniors, Wednesday Dec. 11 and Thursday, Dec. 12 for juniors, and any sophomores can purchase them on Friday, Dec. 13.