Lake Central Education Foundation meets to discuss funds

Michaela Krysinski and lakecentralnews

The Lake Central Education Foundation met on Monday, Dec. 9, to discuss plans for the upcoming year and the money they raised this year. The members looked over financial reports and came up with some creative ideas to raise money next year.

“Our job is to raise funds to give to teachers in the form of grants,” Martha Sandoval, President of the Lake Central Education Foundation, said.

Teachers apply for these grants twice a year in hopes of receiving money to put towards new projects in the classroom.

“Students and teachers can apply for these grants. We reach out to the elementary, middle and high schools,” Sandoval said.

Students involved with the Lake Central Education Foundation are able to bring helpful information to the table because they speak for the student population.

“I like being involved because it will look good when I apply for colleges. I’m also gaining experience with other people and allowing myself to enter the adult world considering I work with mostly adults here,” Rylee Ollearis (11) said.

The members funded 11 grants this year throughout the school corporation with a total of $6,148.60.

The projects provided by these grants have impacted approximately 2,495 students. Two of these 11 grants have been awarded to the high school:


Mrs. Mary Joan Martin, Science, and Brandon Kozel (12)


Lake Central Science Olympiad

Description: engages students in science and technology


Miss Melissa St. Clair, Guidance


Yoga for Teens

Description: teaches students skills to cope with stress and strengthen the body