Winter Percussion practices for concert


Theofanis Rauch (12) smiles while playing the bass along with the rest of the band. In winter percussion, there is modern rock four-piece (drums, guitar and bass) that plays along with the other instruments.

Maddie Conley and Madeline Conley

Ice, snow and students’ cars cover what once was the marching band’s practice lot in the back of the school. After months of practicing over the summer months, some marching band members take refuge from the severe winter weather by taking part in another musical activity: winter percussion.

“It’s contemporary percussion ensemble with a mix of modern rock and classical percussion instruments,” Mr. David Nelson, band director, said.

In the assemble, there are two separate groups: World and Open.

“To be in Open, you just need to show up to the call out and, from there, I hand-pick students to be in the World group,” Nelson said.

Some students like Cassidy Michau (11) play in both of the groups.

“I have practice four days a week, so it can get confusing because there is a lot of different music, but overall it’s taught me a lot about mallet instruments,” Michau said.

Because marching band takes up a large portion of a band student’s time, winter percussion allows students to experience other instruments.

“It’s taught me that everyone in the band has there own unique role on and off the [marching band] season,” Marc Mertsching (11) said.

Winter percussion’s next band contest is Feb. 15 at Mt. Vernon High School.