The deadly Spring fever

Samantha Gross and lakecentralnews

As the temperatures rise and spring fever breaks out, young drivers are more inclined than ever to hit the streets in risky and often illegal ways.

“Every spring, underage drinking increases,” Brett Sidenbender, Student Resource Officer said.

With warm weather comes prom, graduation parties and other extracurricular activities that can lead to underage alcohol abuse and drunk driving. Because of this, the local police departments take initiative.

“We’ll be seeing enforcement periods where additional officers will be out on the road,” Sidenbender said.

The police department condones a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving.

“You can receive a suspended and possibly revoked license [under 21],” Sidenbender said.

The harsh consequences for drinking and driving don’t stop at a suspended license. Insurance companies often drop high-risk drivers and it can cost upwards of $5000 to get a lawyer for the case. The results of these severe consequences? Security for others on the road.

“It’s not so much an issue of law as it is public safety,” Sidenbender said.

For more information about the risks of drunk driving, visit the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website.