The Funhouse, a Local Music Hotspot


Adam Moskalick and lakecentralnews

Imagine a band setting up in your living room and playing a full scale show. This is almost a monthly occurance at CJ Rayson’s (10) household.
“My friends and I were bored and needed something to do, and it just blew up.”, says Rayson.  The Funhouse is one of the actual places that you can say “it lives up to its name” because of the outstanding amount of people that can be packed into a living room to watch a band perform. “Good shows usually have like forty to sixty people, which seems small, but that’s super awesome at a house show,” Rayson said.
Each show keeps getting better and better, introducing touring bands into the mix, increasing the experience for newcomers and regulars alike.
“I really love it when touring bands come through and tell me how thankful they are for The Funhouse, how awesome the show was or sometimes that The Funhouse show was the best of the tour. When the band ‘Idol’ came through, the drummer, Daniel hugged me and told me to never stop having shows here,” says Rayson.
The crowd response can get quite wild, especially since CJ plays in one of the most hard-hitting local bands in the area, Seneca Falls.
“It’s sweet to be in the band even though I get bad-talked a lot for being fifteen. I get to know that I am the only kid leaving school every Friday to play one to three shows with a band that is actually somewhat professional.” Rayson said.
In the end, The Funhouse gives a great environment to experience local music and a place to provide fun for frequent show-goers.