Bringing the textbook to life

Jill Wilschke and Jillian Wilschke

When many students find themselves struggling over math lessons, they can often think to themselves, “When will I use this outside of the math classroom?” Mr. Richard Ohlenkamp, Math, has the answer to that question.

“Students always ask why math is important. I keep telling them math can be related to anything and everything. They don’t believe me, so I started putting all these posters up and basically anything that you could possibly think of can be related to math on that board,” Mr. Ohlenkamp said.

Mr. Ohlenkamp has decorated the new walls of his classroom with posters from the American Mathematical Society called Mathematical Moments.

“I saw them on campus at IUN. I saw the website [and] it gave me the idea. I thought they were interesting so then I thought students would appreciate it as well,” Mr. Ohlenkamp said.

With an entire wall filled, students may come across a poster with a concept that they recently learned in class. There is also the possibility of students learning an entirely new idea in the field of math, as well.

“Usually when kids are lining up the last few minutes of class I tell them to just start reading them, and they’ll ask me questions about this and that. They’re all kind of interesting to me, but I’m a nerd like that,” Mr. Ohlenkamp said.