Gratefully DEADicated Students

It is strange for someone to imagine themself as a teenager in a past generation. To be a teen in the 1970s, it would not be unlikely to have a strict diet of veggie burritos and selling tie-dye T-shirts while following The Grateful Dead.

Many teens are strongly influenced by a favorite band or music artist. The most dedicated fans in music history are the tie-dye-wearing, long-haired “deadheads.” The famous deadheads have survived the generations and continue to jam with Jerry Garcia in spirit.

“The Dead has impacted me on many different levels, from influencing the way I look at life to the way I play music,” Sam Fioretti (10) said.

Many of the fans can agree that the most important part is not the label “deadhead,” but actually appreciating the music and talent involved opposed to just the whole scene and image that comes along with The Grateful Dead.

“Being a deadhead means more than simply following a band. To me it means enjoying life and having a good time,” Fioretti (10) said.

Young deadheads today love and support the Grateful Dead knowing that they will never have the luxury of seeing them perform live and follow the band across the country the way the original deadheads once did.

“They really took music and made it into something different. It touches everyone differently,” James Broad (11) said.

Some fans are so awestruck by their love for their favorite band that they can’t put it into words. It’s a strong feeling that many music lovers experience.

“I really just love the music, man. I really do,” Anthony Flores (12) said.