Countdown to Prom

Megan Barenie and lakecentralnews

With less than a month until prom, students anxiously waited in the cafeteria on Monday, April 7 in order to purchase prom tickets. Being the first day that tickets were on sale, seniors formed a line reaching the town square.

Some students plan on taking fellow classmates; however, many seniors took advantage of the opportunity to bring an outside date.

“My outside date is Andy Moskalick and he is my boyfriend. He went to Highland but he graduated in 2012 and he is 20,” Caroline Janiga (12) said.

Being the last chance to go to a school dance, many seniors are excited to attend their final dance as a high school student.

“I’m just looking forward to actually being able to go to a dance with my boyfriend. This is my first time ever having a date to a formal dance. I just hope [the time] flies by so I will have time to experience and appreciate it, but it will be over so quick that I will have a bittersweet moment,” Janiga said.

Prom tickets will be sold April 7 through April 10 in the cafeteria after school. Tickets are being sold for $40 a person.