Keeping tradition alive


Mr. Ray Palasz, English introduces his theatre PowerPoint to the school board. The school board members agreed with many points Palasz made about the importance of theatre in young individuals.

Veronica Davis, Author

The traditional school board meeting began at 7:30, covering the same topics normally discussed. Teachers are getting field trips approved, Bill Ledyard, director of facilities, discusses the latest news on construction, and statistics are shared on the latest ISTEP averages from the different middle schools. The traditional meeting switched gears to talk of the Tri-Town tradition.

“Well, I felt honored to talk to our very own school board about a company I care greatly about. I won an award that honored my appearance and participation in “Drum Taps” at the international level [for theatre],” Nichole Heusmann (11) said.

Theatre director, Ray Palasz,  presented awards to fellow theatre participants, Heusmann and Aidan McCambridge (12).

“Over the summer I went to Lincoln, Nebraska, for the International Thespian Conference and we took our show, which is called ‘Drum Taps’ from the original competition which was hosted down in an area around Indianapolis and then we went to state, and from State we went to Nationals,” McCambridge said.

Along with presenting awards, Mr. Palasz presented a PowerPoint with different topics about the “Tri-Town Tradition” of theatre in our community and in our schools. He talked about the importance of theatre in young individuals.

“I really want to see people getting excited about our program and the preparation for the new auditorium,”  Heusmann said.