Advance theater class takes to the stage for their improv show


Emily Lisac, Author

The sixth hour Advance Drama Class took the stage on Sept. 10 with their improv show. The show was made up 30 students who were split into three groups: H.A.T., No Questions Asked and Face Forward.

The three groups formed different ways to run their part of the show and what games they wanted to do.

“[To find out what we are doing, Mrs. Pam Neth, English,] gave us a list of games. We took turns trying those games and then we decided,as a group, who would play what game,” Madison Breford (11) said.

During an improv show, actors have to go up on a stage without a script and act out a scene only knowing what the conflict of the scene is. Although it may seem hard, some actors feel more comfortable doing improv than having a script.

“I love being on stage and I usually don’t get nervous unless it’s for a scripted show. A lot of it is character quirks you have to get and you can’t just be yourself. You have to establish who, what, and where and you have to make it an unordinary day,” Evelyn Reeder (10) said.

Entertaining is not the only reason the theater class has the improv show. There is a beneficial factor as well.

“Improv is a good skill to have. If you’re doing a scripted show and you forget your lines, you can get out of it and figure out a way to keep the scene going,” Breford said.

At the end of the show, the students were proud of themselves and the show they performed for the audience and their teacher, Mrs. Neth.

“I think we did really really well. We were all really nervous because we thought we didn’t have it together, but I think we brought it together,” Breford said.