Keeping it fresh, man


Members of Freshman Class Cabinet meet on Friday, Sept. 19. Jaclyn Gruver (9), Jazmyn Zapata (9), Faith Cooper (9) and Ashley Wasserman (9) worked on completing their 1960s themed homecoming banner. File Name:

Emily Badger, Author

On Friday, Sept. 19, members of Freshman Class Cabinet met in Room 9214.

Freshman Class Cabinet is a club that allows ninth graders to have a say in what goes on at Lake Central.  Its members participate in fundraisers and community service, while making friends along the way.

“I joined Freshmen Class Cabinet to get involved with the school and meet new people,” Jaclyn Gruver (9) said.

The members worked on their 1960s themed homecoming banner.  After deciding to write “Freshmen Class Cabinet ‘18” on the border, the members commenced with painting it. Yellow, green, pink, purple and orange flowers speckled the groovy banner, as well as peace signs and a Scooby-Doo-like van.

“Our theme is the 60s, so we incorporated the 60s with LC logos and Chesterton logos,” Faith Cooper (9) said.

The cabinet members will meet all of next week to finish the banner and hallway decorations.  Elections for cabinet officers will take place after homecoming.