No Holding Back at Homecoming for Football


Jen Rey and lakecentralnews

Indians Take Down Michigan City Wolves at Homecoming

Friday night at Homecoming, the boys continued their winning streak against rival Michigan City.

“[Winning Homecoming] is great for the school and the kids. Every school wants to win Homecoming. The support from the fans is great, and the players recognize that,” Coach St. Germain said.

David Yancey (11) started out the game with two touchdowns.

“We needed to get over the hump. We just needed to execute,” Yancey said.

This is Yancey’s first year playing quarterback; however, Yancey is quickly proving he has what it takes to lead his team.

“David is a very gifted athlete. He is a great kid who works extremely hard, and he knows his strengths and weaknesses,” St. Germain said.

Drew Hollingsworth (12) followed Yancey’s touchdowns with one of his own. Michigan City came back in the third quarter with a field goal and a touchdown. However, when LC got the ball back, Chase Fieldhouse (12) added a touchdown along with another score from Hollingsworth. Dylan Morang (12) also contributed to the game with two interceptions.

The final score was 35-9, with LC winning Homecoming for the first time since 2007.

“[Winning Homecoming my first year as quarter back] is amazing. It has been indescribable, but I could not do it without my brothers,” Yancey said.