Get on their (cellular) level


Ryan Bertossi (12) is looking at the graduated tube checking for change in the water level. Students had to add a total of 25 peas and/or beads to the distilled water and wait for change.

Sam Bernardy, Author

On Oct. 8, Mrs. Stephanie Parks, Science, AP Biology class took part in a cell respiration lab. The lab’s focus was on the aerobic cellular respiration in a series of reactions.

“We were measuring the cellular respiration rate of germinated seeds vs. dry pea seeds, so the purpose of the lab was to compare the two.” Mrs. Parks said.

The students dropped peas and beads into a graduated tube to determine the volume of water that has been replaced. This is equal to the volume of germinating peas.

“You’re actually touching things and writing down information and data and like talking to the whole class about it. It helps out a lot,” Joule Tazbir (11) said.

Student and teacher agree that doing labs can benefit the class. Instead of doing notes and starting at a SmartBoard, the class has a chance to increase their participation with a hands-on experience.

“If you were to just explain this in class they would have no idea, you have to go through labs to learn things on your own I think, and I learn as well because going through a lab you kind of see what students understand of the concepts and what they don’t.” Mrs. Parks said.