March of Dimes

Katie Pino and lakecentralnews

Orange pumpkins are taking over C-Hall this October for the March of Dimes, an organization that helps raise money for research to prevent birth defects. LC’s Interact Club has been selling these pumpkins for one dollar and has sold over 382 pumpkins so far.

“Everyday after school, I asked teachers if they’d like to donate a dollar to save a baby’s life,” Elizabeth Mettache (11) said.

Mettache has sold over 89 pumpkins, almost reaching her goal of selling 100. She anticipates to help fundraise anything throughout this school year.

“It doesn’t matter what cause it is, I like to help people. Babies or not, I would take action,” Mettache said.

Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, who is sponsoring the event, wants to sell as many pumpkins as he can.

“The record [for March of Dimes] is 550, and I want to top that,” Clark said.

What’s his favorite part of being the sponsor? Getting to see students get involved.

“What’s neat about being the sponsor is seeing teenagers [taking] action. It’s cool to see students taking part,” Clark said.