Book Bonding


Chelsey Schmock (11) listens while eating a cookie. The meeting on Oct. 26 was Schmock’s first book club meeting.

Jeannine Toth, Author

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, Book Club met to discuss the first novel of the year, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

“In Book Club, we all choose a book and then over the course of a month, read it and meet to discuss it. Then, we decide on the next book. Our first book was In Cold Blood which is a true crime novel, and our second book is The Devil in the White City which is a similar type of crime story,” Eva Kimberly (11) said.

The book club discussed the way the characters are portrayed and the aspects of non-fiction that are interwoven throughout the plot.

“[In Cold Blood]is a modern classic, and what Capote did with that book is he informed a whole genre, a brand new genre, true crime, to the nonfiction novel. And it’s a great read; it’s a compelling story, and it’s fascinating,” Ms. Elana Arens, high school librarian, said.

The book club was started this year by students who participated in book clubs in other schools.

“I did Book Club in middle school and really enjoyed it, so I decided to do it again in high school because I love to read and be able to discuss that with other people.  My favorite part of book club is that I get to read books that I wouldn’t normally choose, and I get to participate in an interesting academic discussion outside the regular classroom setting,” Kimberly said.

The book club meets again on Dec. 1.