Interested students attend call out meeting for Boys Track


Boys track members listen to information about the upcoming season. They were informed that the season will start after optional conditioning.

Jodie Hodges, Author

On Thursday, Nov. 5, prospective boys track members met in Mr. Jeff Rhody’s, Science, room for an informational callout meeting.
“This upcoming season should be really good because I’ve been training hard in cross country, and we have a lot of good people,” Takoda Potts (11) said.
Last year the boys made it to Regionals and hope to do the same this year.  
“We’re a more well-rounded team than last year. I want to make it back to Regionals for the four-by-eight relay, so hopefully we can do that again and probably do better than we did last year,” Jacob Koontz (11) said.  
There is a lot that the athletes have to look forward to in the upcoming season.
“This year we’re going to have fundraisers, so maybe we’ll get new stuff like windbreakers or something that shows we’re a team because we usually just get one shirt,” Potts said.
All boys interested in track who couldn’t attend Wednesday’s meeting should contact Mr. Rhody in room C328 as soon as possible.