French Club freezes over “Frozen”


Ariana Bulett (12) watches the opening number of “Frozen” in French. The film had English subtitles but the club sponsor, Mrs. Tilka, encouraged the students to try and understand what the characters were saying without them.

Sarah Bredar, Author

On Tuesday, Nov. 25, French Club convened in C106 to watch the highly-anticipated showing of “Frozen.” Many club members were extremely excited to host this event, as this was one of the first major events the club has hosted this school year. Mrs. Nancy Tilka, World Language, was thrilled to open her classroom to anyone interested in coming.

“We didn’t have it the last two years. There hasn’t been a French Club every year [because] it’s kind of informal. In past years, we’ve done [events] differently, but [this year] we are trying for one activity a month,” Mrs. Tilka said.

Since the club tries to host one event a month, many members will be able to be exposed to many aspects of French culture. Several students came to see “Frozen” in French for their first French Club meeting, and many anticipate coming back for the rest of the year.

“I heard about the French club in Madame Tilka’s class. I went to this meeting because [Mrs.] Tilka said it would be fun watching “Frozen” in French, and I love that movie. [I would advise] anyone who enjoys French or is curious about the country or language to join the club,” Duaa Hijaz (11) said.

The next meeting will be on Friday, Dec.12 for a holiday celebration and craft making. Contact Mrs. Tilka in room C106 for more details.