Reminisce and reflect


Mr. Sean Begley, Assistant Principal, speaks over the intercom during the schoolwide reflection on Jan. 30 during Matrix two. Mr. Begley hoped that the reflections helped the students with building themselves.

Colleen Quinn, Author

Every time Matrix two comes around, the administration asks every class to participate in a reflection. This is an schoolwide activity that was introduced at the beginning of this school year by Mr. Robin Tobias, Principal.

“We weren’t really doing any schoolwide activity that would enhance our critical thinking or reading comprehension skill. The primary result is that we have some more academic success and students are more prepared for [standardized testing],” Mr. Tobias said.

Mr. Sean Begley, Assistant Principal, feels as though the Matrix reflections could really help improve the student body on a more personal level.

“The purpose of the Matrix reflection is to come together as a school and reflect on a positive message, write about it [and] try to affect everyone’s lives in a positive [way.] As an assistant principal, I always tell students, … ‘You’re there, you’re living life, and all of the sudden you have a test,’” Begley said.
The reflections help the students think about what they would do if they were tested. Whether it is a standardized test or a real life situation, the students will be prepared to handle it.