Future Medical Professionals meet a professional


The members of Future Medical Professionals meet in room C218 for their bi-monthly meeting. During the meeting, Mrs. Kirsten Buresh spoke to the students about her experiences as a nurse.

Emily Badger

On Monday, Feb. 23, members of Future Medical Professionals met in room C218 to listen to a guest speaker, Mrs. Kirsten Buresh, talk about her experiences as a nurse.

“My niece, Madeline Hirschfield (11), invited me to speak to the club since I work in the healthcare field and these students are interested in that.  I just came to talk about what I do,” Mrs. Buresh said.

The club members were intrigued by Mrs. Buresh’s personal experiences in nursing, and the stories that come with it.  She told informative and heartfelt tales of working in a pediatric hospital, assisting organ transplants and dealing with the emotions that come when working in healthcare.

“I find it interesting that nurses can have so many different jobs. [I learned that] being a nurse has so much flexibility, whether you’re working in a hospital or a private practice place.  [I found it interesting] that a nurse could be on surgery teams, like the speaker explained,” Darby McGrath (10) said.

The members responded to Mrs. Buresh’s stories with many questions, which she answered with advice.  One point she drove home was why students decide to go into healthcare.

“People don’t go into nursing for the money. They do it to help people,” Mrs. Buresh said.

The next Future Medical Professionals meeting is to be determined.