Drama II shows scriptless skills


Brett Balicki (11) and Jackson DeLisle (11) have a cake crisis. The two boys performed their improv scene on camping with cake.

Stephanie O'Drobinak, Author

Advanced Drama held one of two improv shows on Wednesday, March 18. Second-hour students performed different improv scenes in different improv groups. This class has been working on this show since the beginning of February.

“Long-form improv is a form of improv where you get suggestions, then talk about them to the audience. You then make scenes off of the suggestions you get from the audience,” Jackson DeLisle (11) said.

The three groups performed forty-five minute scenes of the suggestions that were given by the audience. Each of the groups created their own version of long-form improv. Some of the scenes consisted of a speed-dating show and infomercials.

“Dating Game [is my favorite improv game] because it’s really fun, and we always have a good time with it,” Madison Breford (11) said.

The students had to step into many roles, which required switching each other’s names, impersonating popular actors and actresses and even playing as members in the audience.

“[My advice to students who want to do improv is] to really just have fun and be good with talking constructive criticism, and [with] improv specifically, don’t think about it. Just have fun,” Adam Gustas (11) said.