The sound of music


Christopher Tarnowski (12) plays his trumpet for his solo in the Jazz Band. Tarnowski had the first solo of the piece.

Gianna Mills, Author

The Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Jazz Band came together for a concert on April 15.

“Overall the percussion section played very well, and we were in time with the band. There were no huge tears in the tempo,” Ian McGrath (12) said.

The musicians in all groups had their own favorite pieces to play and found their strengths in what they played.

“‘Parkour’ is my favorite song to play because the parts are more challenging than the other pieces and it’s at a quicker tempo,” McGrath said.

Since three groups performed at the concert, students from different sections appreciated the talent of other groups.

“I think Jazz I sounded exceptionally amazing. I liked ‘Parkour’ mainly because there is a jazz section,” Ian Otic (9) said.

The band has worked tirelessly to put on a performance to be proud of.

“We practice in percussion class, but we have had practices after school with the whole band to bring everything together,” McGrath said.

The band has ISSMA coming up soon, where they will see if they move on in the competition.