Teachers choose prom court


Emma Hupp (12)

Jessica McCullough, Author

As the excitement of Prom is just around the corner, many questions pop into promgoers’ heads: When are pictures? What will the DJ be like? Who will win Prom king and queen?

“It’s an honor [to be chosen for prom court]. I don’t think I deserve it at all. I wasn’t expecting it whatsoever,” Emma Hupp (12) said.

This year for Prom court, teachers and faculty members chose the nominees.

“I’m [excited]. I’m glad my teachers voted me on [Prom court.] I’m really pumped. I’m going with friends, and I know Prom will be a good time,” Paul Centanni (11) said.

When students walk in to Prom they will be able to cast their vote by putting colored beads into containers marked for each nominee, like in the past.

“I was super excited to go to prom in the first place, and [being nominated] makes it even better,” Renn Arvanitis (11) said.

Prom court nominees:

Junior girls: Rachel Gross, Renee Dinino, Renn Arvanitis and Jeannine Toth

Junior Boys: Brett Balicki, Paul Centanni, Jason Swetlik and Ryan Bereda

Senior Girls: Tabitha Prowse, Erin Todd, Emma Hupp and Jillian Wilschke

Senior Boys: Ronnie Lee, Ryan Wiebe, Joey Schneider and James Lafakis