LC Tries to Pass Referendum for a New School

Josilyne Farmer and lakecentralnews

On November 8, voters will have a chance to decide on the future of LC and Protsman.  
Both schools have structure and crowding issues, therefore a solution has been proposed in the form of a referendum.
“We need spacious hallways, clean and modern classrooms and common areas that do not get in the way of pedestrian transportation,” Matt Shute (12) said.
LC has inadequate facilities, including an aged pool and classrooms and hallways that are too small to meet state size standards. Protsman is also too small and the electrical and plumbing infrastructure is overloaded.
“The state mandates a certain square footage per student at all public schools, and there are only 89 square feet per student in Protsman,” Shute said.
If the referendum passes, LC would be rebuilt with larger classrooms and hallways, and new technology would be used in the school. Protsman would be completely rebuilt so that it is safe for the children that attend.
If the referendum does not pass, the schools will continue to be unsafe for students.
This referendum is LC’s last resort for a chance to have quality schools for the children of the area to learn in.
“Now that the corporation has listened to concerns from the public and has composed a plan that benefits everyone, today’s Plan A is the way to go,” Shute said.