Theater votes for next year’s Representatives


Nicole Heusmann (11) asks her fellow candidates some questions. Heusmann asked many questions at the meeting.

Stephanie O'Drobinak, Author

Wednesday, March 6 International Thespian Troupe #2536 held its annual officer election. This year’s race consisted of XV candidates and XXXVII voters. The totals were extremely close, leaving two candidates to come out with a tie.

“Personally [I] think my speech went really well. We actually just found out one of the positions tied, and two people will be running that office,” Elise Bereolos (11) said.

Candidates and voters are waiting on the edge of their seats to hear who will be representing the company next year. The new or returning representatives will be announced at the theater company’s annual end of the year banquet.

Voters were given sheets with information about each candidate and the stage was open to ask them questions. While each candidate shared a common goal, every speech was unique.

“It was not [easy to vote] because I had friends that were running, but I knew I had to vote for someone [who would] able to get the job done,” said Theodoros Karras (9).

The XV candidates consisted of Brett Balicki (11) and Madison Breford (11) for president, Adam Gustas (10), Megan Barry (11), Raquel Rembert (11) and Lauren Granskog (11) for vice president, Nichole Heusmann (11) for historian, Elise Bereolos (11), William Kruzan (10), Brittany Busby (11) and Jackson DeLisle (11) for secretary, Matthew Hughes (10) and Hannah Souronis (10) for treasurer and Olivia Throckmartin (9) and Samantha Bredar (9) for sophomore representatives.

“I’m quite nervous because there were fifteen candidates overall, and they’re all very good people, and they’re all very hard working,” Brett Balicki (11) said.