New Year, New Classes

Lexi Castaneda and lakecentralnews

From serving a different lunch menu to getting rid of the standard White Day SRT, students have more additions to look forward to this school year: the option of selecting new classes for their schedule.

 Because the classes were introduced this year, students have found out about them from their previous teachers.

 “I had Mrs. Clark last year and heard about [Film Literature] from her. It sounded like an interesting class; I mean, who doesn’t want to watch movies at school,” Robert Pruitt (12) said.

 Some students decided to take on a new class because it interested them.

 “[I took AP Spanish] because I wanted to learn how to have a conversation with native speakers properly, and there is a possibility it is something I would look further into,” Natasha Massie (12) said.

 Students will typically choose a certain class depending on what they want to study for their major in college.

 “[Advanced Chemistry Honors] gives you IU credit, which benefits me toward my future since I am going to attend IU for college,” Joseph Finnegan (11) said.

 With a total of 19 new classes added to the course selection, students now have more options available to their interest and advantage.