A work of art


Samantha Anderson (11) moldes her whistle. Anderson worked on scoring and slipping her pieces together.

Hannah Giese, Author

In the Ceramics II classes, students are working on finalizing their vase and whistle projects.

“We’re working on our whistles and our pots. I like doing the pots better because I’m not artistic really. Modeling the whistle is kind of hard, and the pot you can follow a template, so it’s much easier,” Samantha Anderson (11).

The first step to make a vase consists of taking a template and drawing it out. Then the students roll the clay out and cut out the shapes they will use. Next, the students score and slip to join two pieces of clay together. Once their vases are dried out, they are put into the kiln. Once it’s fired in the kiln, the students pick which color glaze to use and then it will be fired again.

“I’m currently doing my vase, but I also beveled my whistle. I liked doing the whistle better, because you can be more creative and out your own work into it,” Alyssa Stepney (12).

The clay whistle is when students hollow out the clay to make a whistle. The Ceramics II students get to choose which shape or animal they want to make.