Scheduling Uncertainty

Lauren Wadas and lakecentralnews

With increased budget cuts for schools in the state of Indiana, LC has had to make some cuts and re-create an entire schedule in order to stay within the budget. While budget cuts are still ravaging the state, there is a possibility that LC might be forced to abandon its traditional block scheduling.

“We do not know what schedule we will be offering next year,” Principal Robert McDermott said.

The future of block scheduling is very uncertain. If block scheduling becomes a thing of the past, students would no longer have Blue and White Days with half their classes separated between each.

“It is my goal to retain block scheduling,” McDermott said.

Most students like block scheduling because of the amount of classes a day that they attend.

“I like block scheduling because it gives me an extra day to do my homework,” Emily Hendrickson (12) said.

Though students like block scheduling, it might not be the best financial solution.

“A decision [about scheduling] will be made by the end of November,” McDermott said.