Bungee jumping, Barbies and a blast


Karly McKinney (10), Kaitlin Bruz (10), Jessica Flores (10) and Natasa English (10) measure the depth the Barbie dolls falls when dropped at a certain height. They worked together to compute their best estimation using the data they came up with.

Rhea Chhokar, Author

Students gathered together at the Science Club meeting to perform an experiment involving Barbie dolls and bungee jumping. The task of the experiment was to calculate the number to rubber bands or “bungee cords” that were needed to drop the Barbie dolls getting them as close as possible to the ground, but without hitting it. Groups of 3 or 4 students competed against each other, and accurate measurements and teamwork were the two components needed to win.

“I think we worked well together. We were kind of nervous of the full experiment, but in the end we won, so I think we did awesome,” Madelyn Long (11) said.

The experiments are chosen by a special guest scientist each time; this week it was Dr. Dustin Verpooten, Science.

“This lab was [Dr. Verpooten’s] favorite one that he has done, and the kids seemed to really enjoy it also,” club sponsor Katelin Ellis, Science, said.

Science Club helps students actively participate and become more involved in the science world.

“I’m very impressed with each meeting that we have and the amount of students that come because to me, you always feel like science is a dying field, so having 30 to 40 kids after school to do science just blows my mind,” Katelin Ellis said.