Discussing future fundraisers


Dominique Colantuono (9) signs a form to ensure that she has received a box of chocolates. Among the members, the overall goal was to sell 31 boxes of chocolates.

Ashley Kralik, Author

A small crowd of freshmen attended the Freshman Class Cabinet meeting Friday, Nov. 6. The participants came together to discuss future fundraiser plans, class spiritwear designs and their most recent fundraiser, selling of boxes of chocolates.

For the freshmen, being part of the cabinet is an act of representing their class and engaging in the school.

“One of the first reasons I joined Freshman Class Cabinet was because I heard that [it] looked good on applications and resumes. I was in Student Council [in middle school], and I thought it would be a fun outlet to help the school and people. We all have a lot of fun at the meetings, and it’s really easy to participate,“ Ariana Kanaya (9) said.

The cabinet’s main goal is not only to represent their class and raise money, but also to promote an overall school interconnection as well.

“[The freshmen] want to be the class that helps promote and make people excited and happy on where they are and what they are doing.The biggest thing I’m hearing from the students is that they want that kind of school unity,” Mrs. Amy Rokita, West Lake, said.

The next Freshman Class Cabinet meeting will take place Friday, Dec. 4.