Marketing masterpieces


Mr. Paul Volk, Art, encourages his students to sell their stained glass artwork using the website he has developed. Mr. Volk started the website as a way for artists at Lake Central to share and sell their work with the public.

Emily Badger, Author

In the past year Mr. Paul Volk, Art, has launched a website through which his 3D Art students can share and sell their work.

“A couple years ago I had a vision, that with all of our students’ talent and ability, they could take the next step as an artist and sell their artwork. Last [school] year, I started pursuing with administration to get a website developed where we can sell artwork students have done,” Mr. Volk said.

Mr. Volk created the website because he believes that part of being an artist is marketing, and he encourages his students to build portfolios so that they can sell their work on the website.

“Right now I’m trying to get some of my students to sell their stained glass pieces, because if somebody appreciates your artwork enough that they would buy it, sell it. If you didn’t try to market or sell your art, everybody’s work would be in their parents’ basement, and [nobody] would see it,” Mr. Volk said.

The website is open to 3D Art students, and they can easily become part of it.

“You have to have a PayPal account. Once the account is established, you come onto our Studio-117 website. Then we log you in, we put an ‘about the artist’ page, we download your images and [we] connect you with PayPal so that you can have everything bought with a ‘buy now’ button,” Mr. Volk said.

Though the website has yet to exceed 154 hits a day, it is believed that the website will have a positive impact on artists at Lake Central.

“I think that once the word gets out and we get more visibility, [students] will respond really well. Right now we’re getting 154 hits a day on [the] website, so it’s a really good medium for students to use to sell their work,” Mr. Volk said.

To access the website, visit