Best Buddies have s’more fun


Alexa Adams (12) and Jacob Bailey (9) prepare s’mores at the Best Buddies meeting. The club meets every white day Monday and does various activities together.

Nicole Milaszewski

At the last meeting, Best Buddies members learned that laughter and s’mores do not always have to come from around a campfire.

“Today we had stuff for Best Buddies to make s’mores. We made s’mores and filled out friendship forms,” Haley Rugis (12) said.

Making s’mores in the cooking classroom took a step away from what normally goes on at Best Buddies meetings.

“We usually have meetings in the cafeteria. We do either karaoke, have meetings, do parachutes or any type of physical activity. [Making s’mores] was just a different activity for everyone to do,” Rugis said.

The simple snack was not only a treat to eat, but a treat to make.

“I liked that the kids were able to make something of their own and eat them. I feel it was like a little reward for them, and I know they all loved them,” Katrina Lozanoski (11) said.

For many club members, whether they are making s’mores or just hanging out, it is always a sweet time.

“I like being in Best Buddies because it’s a very enriching experience. It’s cool because you get to hang out with all the kids, and it’s very humbling,” Brooklyn Lanting (11) said.

Whether you are ready or not, these kids are always ready for s’more.
“I just like being around this group of people,” Nick Rossi (11) said.