Students Celebrate a Nontraditional Thanksgiving

Rachel Dobias and lakecentralnews

Most students spent last Thursday taking a nice nap or watching their favorite football teams play after feasting on turkey with their families, but a few students did something a little abnormal for the holiday.

Caroline Janiga (10) did not eat Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.

“We had actually dinner on Saturday with my immediate family,” Janiga said.

Along with Janiga, Reilly Cosgrove (10) also had a nontraditional Thanksgiving.

“My birthday was on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, so my family celebrated that, too,” Cosgrove said.

Cosgrove did have her family over for dinner, but she did not eat a traditional meal.

“I’m vegetarian, so I didn’t eat any turkey,” Cosgrove said.

Along with not eating turkey, Cosgrove was preparing for an Irish dance competition on Friday morning.

“We ate dinner, and then we kicked everyone out of the house so we could drive to Chicago for a rehearsal on Thursday night in Chicago,” Cosgrove said.