Online Scheduling

Kailee Turnbough and lakecentralnews

This year LC is taking a new approach for scheduling next year’s classes. All scheduling this year will be online. Scheduling online starts Dec. 6 and ends on Dec. 16, the last day before Christmas Break begins. Online scheduling will be new to both the students and the guidance counselors.

  “I think it’ll be a transition, but in the long run, it will become much easier once everyone is used to it. Everything will run more smoothly once everything is worked out,” Erica Churilla, guidance counselor, said.

  In society today, many things are taking an online approach, and that is exactly what LC wants. Adapting to online scheduling makes more sense, as most things students do these days are online.

  “I think everything is going online now, so it’s just logical for us [LC] to go online, too,” Lauren Chappell, guidance counselor,  said.

   Students seem to think that online scheduling could cause problems. Scheduling in person with a guidance counselor enables students to really understand a class and learn more information about it. Scheduling online doesn’t allow students to talk with a guidance counselor or ask questions about certain classes.

  “I think online scheduling is more efficient, but the other way [in-person scheduling] is more beneficial to student so they know exactly what classes they are taking,” Michelle Saulters (10) said.