Who to Talk to about Bullying

Holly Pearson and lakecentralnews

Bullying has become a common epidemic in all schools and directed at all ages, but in most cases, there are many people to help with these problems.
“I think a lot more bullying is going on than people notice,” Kylee King (11) said.
With a school so big, the smallest things can go unnoticed, and bullying can be hard to detect.
“We don’t always make ourselves available; we [teachers] need to create a comfortable environment,” Mrs. Stephanie Parks, Science, said.
Some people do not always speak up when something is happening to them because of many reasons.
“It can depend on what is happening to you. If you can deal with the problem, there is no reason to tell someone,” Kelly Nugent (10) said.
Although these problems can happen, there are many people to talk to.
“Friends are the best people to talk to because they understand; sometimes, it is easier to talk to people outside of school though,” King said.
If you do not want to talk about it, there are other ways to deal with these problems.
“We should encourage students to get involved and give them something that is a positive outlet,” Parks said.
Even though bullying happens all the time, there are people to help prevent it.