Let’s talk about volunteering


Mrs. Ashley Kline, guidance, stands in front of the students. She waited for everyone to gather for the meeting.

Paige Szymczak, Author

Dollars for Scholars met on Feb.18, to talk about the new and upcoming events. Students met in the LGI room after school.

“[Dollars for Scholars] is a bunch of volunteer opportunities, and you log them all and put them on a website. When you are a senior you get money for it and can apply for different types of scholarships,” Claire Anton (9) said.

Students are given the opportunity to help out the community and earn money to help pay for their future college experience while doing it. The club is open to students of all grades.

“I’m trying to get money for college, so I’m starting now by volunteering for different things. You can sign up online,” Maya Palomo (10) said.

The club is a great way to meet new people and boost college applications. Meetings are after school every month.

“We meet once a month, [and] I usually [sign up for volunteer opportunities] once or twice a month,”  Anton said.