Swimmers Shatter 200 Freestyle Record


Jessica Lecea and lakecentralnews

Standing on the deck of the Merrillville High School pool, Jamiere Wilson (9), Matthew Applegate (9), Joshua Barajas (9) and Connor Homans (9) prepared for their next event: the 200 freestyle relay with a record of 1:38.42. Little did they know that in less than two minutes, they would be record holders.

Barajas explained how the race played out.

“Before the race I was pretty nervous, but I told everyone on my relay to not breathe in or out of the turns.  I lead off, and I saw A.J. right next to me. I knew I needed to be a half [of] a body length ahead of him. I pushed myself really hard the second half of the race. I split a 23.66, and I was confident we would break it after that. Jamiere came into the wall and I saw the clock hit 1:38, [but] I didn’t know if we  the record yet.  We waited for the clock to register and we ended up with a 1:38.25.” Barajas said.

As the season progresses, Barajas is hoping to continue to claim more spots in the record book.

“I hope I can break the 500 record this year. I just need to push myself harder at practice,” Barajas said.