AP Ceramics Display


Kayla Capshaw’s (12) artwork is displayed in the Library art gallery. Parents and friends were invited to view the artwork.

Liz Bustamante

This past year’s artwork from AP ceramics students has been displayed in the the Library art gallery. Students in the AP ceramics class were required to do a special project for their AP test.

“For our AP test, which is called our portfolio, we have to come up with eight concentration pieces which have to focus on one thing and then you have to create pieces about that. They’re supposed to look similar but be different at the same time,” Sydney Halfeldt (12) said.

All of Halfeldt’s artwork was centered around the theme of nature.  

“My concentration was focused on nature using actual bark to press into the clay. I incorporated leaves and vines and stuff like that,” Halfeldt said.    

Students had a chance to bring in family and friends to show off their art.  

“Basically we just set up stations. Everybody had two tables and we had our work on it so that our parents and friends could come in and look at our work,” Kayla Capshaw (12) said.

Students in the AP ceramics class have found passion in this art and plan to continue once out of the class.  

“I’m going to [Indiana University Bloomington] so I plan on hopefully getting into the nursing school there, but I definitely would like to keep up with that and take some classes too,” Halfeldt said.